Power at Your Fingertips.

Power at Your Fingertips.


Wearable nail tech that identifies the presence of common date rape drugs in a variety of beverages through color change.


The Problem


1 in 6 women will be sexually assaulted in her lifetime. This unthinkable problem has reached epidemic levels on college campuses. And something must be done about it. Power must be handed back to women in what is a devastatingly powerless situation. 


The Tool.



The only perfect solution to drug induced sexual assault is ending it altogether. As we all work toward that ideal, Undercover Colors’ technology provides wearable protection at your fingertips. Simply dip your finger into a verified beverage and within seconds the presence of prevalent date rape drugs will be identified in color change.

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Why Us.


Four engineering students walk into a bar…

Perhaps that’s not exactly how it went… but at the heart of founding Undercover Colors was a conviction that we could take the power we had as engineers to create something that gave power to others. 


Who's Talking

"It is the newest fashion accessory that may really, truly have the power to change lives"

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