Why We Partner With It's On Us

Why We Partner With It's On Us

Undercover Colors and It’s On Us have a major thing in common: we both want to end sexual assault. This is not just a distant dream or a reality we fantasize about achieving. This is a national movement we are actively working towards. It’s On Us is dedicated to engaging everyone- from students, community leaders, parents, organizations, and companies- to end all types of sexual violence.

We have promoted It’s On Us’s online pledge many times, and we think it’s a great start to joining the movement. In signing, you are committing to “help create a culture of consent, bystander intervention and survivor support.” Almost 300,000 people have taken the pledge over the past 2 years alone. You can sign the online pledge here.

It’s On Us isn’t just about “saying”, however. They’re also about “doing”. You can make donations towards their training and education of thousands of students on college campuses. It’s On Us develops Campus Toolkits that bring sexual assault awareness, survivor support guides and organization resources to the demographic affected by sexual violence the most.

We partner with It’s On Us because we want to be part of a solution together. Head over to their website to see the services they have to offer.


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