Meet Steve

Tell us a bit about yourself:

I was born a builder, always coming up with things to make and spending long hours learning about how to make them. Nothing gets me more excited than taking ideas from the drawing board, through planning and execution, to fruition. We live in an incredible time where the barrier to entry for developing and manufacturing impactful technology has never been lower. I am fascinated by how these new capabilities are changing our economy and empowering a new generation of inventors.

What are some of your other accomplishments besides UC?

I’m an Eagle Scout. During college I founded two startups. The first was a high-end poker table rental service for bars downtown, back when it was popular for bars to have a weekly poker night. The second was a batch fabrication company aimed at assisting local companies with product development. Products from the fabrication company can be found in every Harris Teeter in NC as well as Second Empire and Sandals Beach Resort. I’m also currently on the board of Women NC, a non-profit focused on providing training and mentorship for advocates of women’s rights.

What is your role at UC?

I am currently the Co-Founder & COO at Undercover Colors. Throughout college I met many people who had fallen victim to drug-facilitated sexual assault. With Undercover Colors, women will now have the ability to determine if their drink has been spiked with one of the common date rape drugs, anytime, anywhere.

Where did you come from?

I was born in a small town in Maine and like most Mainiacs, my father took DIY to an extreme. As a result, most of my time during childhood was spent with a tool in my hand. I received an education on everything from engine repair to plumbing. This constant need to understand how things work was drilled into me early on and is one of the things I value most from my upbringing.

My mother was the type who could never sit down. She would take a vacation and end up working on some project the entire time. Growing up, working on projects was the last thing I wanted to do on vacations but looking back, I greatly appreciate it. She taught me if you fill your life with meaningful and important goals, you will never tire of chasing them.

What are some of your hobbies and other interests?

I enjoy woodworking. My great grandfather was a carpenter in the army and that has been passed down through my family.  I’m also a sailor, my family used to buy, renovate, and flip sailboats as a hobby back in Maine. I take advantage of every chance that comes along to get out on the ocean.  Another hobby that I take every opportunity to enjoy is backpacking. My favorite climb so far has been Cotopaxi in Ecuador.  This is always a fun fact, but I raise chickens and enjoy fresh eggs every morning.