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Let’s be clear.

Drugging someone’s drink without their knowledge is a crime. But that doesn’t stop it from happening at colleges, bars, nightclubs, and private homes around the world. Drug-facilitated sexual assault ("DFSA" for short) hurts people of all genders, and at Undercover Colors we've had enough. That's why we spend four years developing SipChip™, a date-rape drug test that anyone can use at any time.

1 in 13 college students has been drugged, or suspects they were drugged.*

*From a 2016 study published in the
journal Psychology of Violence. 

Protection is not acceptance.

To end sexual assault for good, our broader culture has to change. Which is why we partner with It’s On Us, an organization that does incredible work building a culture of consent, bystander intervention, and support for survivors. Together, we’re responding to the real safety challenges of today while pushing for a future where these kinds of crimes no longer happen.

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